Tuesday, February 19, 2019


She's careless like all the rest
I see that she is pretty

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the fairest one of all
Mirror mirror do not fail
Who deserves to go to jail
Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the prettiest one of all
Mirror mirror humor me
Do they see what I see

Gordon Gano
Mirror Mirror (I See a Damsel) lyrics © VIOLENT FEMMES

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Music Box

I am a cinematographer (x4)

And I walked away from New York City
And I walked away from everything that's good
And I walked away from everything I leaned on

Only to find it's made of wood
I was a big ol' bear once (x4)
And I walked away from California
And I walked away from everything that's known
And I walked away from everything I lived for
Only to find that everything had grown
I am a cineomatographer (x4)
If you were alone
You can walk away from Louisville alone

Will Oldham 
I'm A Cinematographer / lyrics © PALACE BROTHERS

Monday, May 1, 2017

Teresa's May Day

“The best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”


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The Grand Absence

In the meant time.. in this earliest 21st century there are politicians acting anytime like paw(n)s on a chest game, impair(ed) and dethroned toots petting their own & companions, moaning cowards relentlessly babbling obscenity to vie in absolute falsehood. 

Once by chance convicted for the masses, so they become forever convinced arguably by this despicable power of self representation, then if they mostly achieve anything but to be superseded it's also to be left to their own fake righteousness.

Hence changelings still on the chest board, they dig in an actual unsustainable tournament eventually fuelled by pig fetor,  mite tea other toxic assets for ready made political plans on outmoded calendars.

Fairing on the exhaustion of serendipitous trades and natural deference these bigots and spurs constructed & marred in deriding masonry, riveting, reeling for collateral bribery to just digress from the job, blind the 'Sight' & most constantly assert the 'Word' as an insubstantial sham. For rolling out bills ruled out for all but inconspicuous minorities the future will tell as they've been known to surrender to their infatuated & atone dissonance & visibility 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

National Front Disco

Thinking slightly about Z as the winter slowly unrolled in Athens with a lot of police, demos and consumption, people both fed up and careless, a blend of disillusion and disgust muted momentarily by Christmas. parade to something else coming on..?
[A few of my photographic films or negatives were "lost"..  Medium format photographs from Iceland. Why ..?! There is so much more to answer for those public or private institutional regulators and censors always up to apply to serve 'cause' and interests.  And once more recently some electronic mischiefs with a Nikon in London & in Greece (after Berlin, Istanbul with a Leica, and Tanzania with a Mamya) An era of unsafe  control with reminiscences of totalitarism disparaging the air. Let's not forget as well that there were a few acts of violence,  manipulation, wiretapping,  blatent to total non-respect of privacy .. including a few other additional  'details' in the last ten years across the world while I follow(ed) my own path as much as I can. Too many DETAILS that some complacent institutions & persons don't ignore]
Exit from Greece: a momentous time at night when a dozen of refugees from Syria boarded the bus to Belgrade just after the Macedonian border where my luggage was extensively searched during half an hour so they  wouldn't miss it. And I was told a long frightful account of how it is to reach the best parts of Europe and how much comes with it.

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Fall

Today France has to be stated a brinkmanship's collapse. It always dissented from a gap between culture & civilization. It's awry but the only thing that remains is this gap. And at bay the way you see it.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


#Europe / 52

This photographic project emerge(d) in times of deep mutations for the documentary mode. From the flux of exchanges, informations and currencies institutionalized by the end of the twentieth century, the "photographical" has been expanded by the use of multiple tools for the digital image at many more different levels. It (was) is a quest to visual and referential contemporaneous imagery. The will to display those personal insights (rose) rise in a global context construed by the multiplicity of images which proves to be a technological intelligence that transforms the way individuals perceive each other.
The language of representation has been obliterated by an overwhelming act of visualization. Withstanding the ubiquity of image, it (was) is an aim to produce a reflection on its contemporaneity. A free photographic approach with a documentary concern. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Entertainment's challenge gains in precarity poised in depth to broaden an economy of devolution. Can an ad avert to shrink the dystrophy of Europe? Mythologies link out enthusiast customers.

Over-marketed politicians and hyper-profiled communicators are given ground and credit by the polysemic fields of information. 

As means of consumption & investment have provided most efficient mode of action, words for the mass often don't elicit much else than distraction so policy regulators can hit & play a "game" in which they don't always get no junk. Thwarting the cultures of others thru the prism of its own capital & continent actual reality has never bore and still don't bear an innocuous value.  

Bore Abuse

When some easy technology is to forbid people to sleep making ground for semi-fiction to vacuum real issues & dissimulate them through faked misunderstandings. 

That's for the helpless game of manipulation some still place before all. Power fed itself with evil means.

And a synchronic sense of humor, morale for morons on the easy side, fires like "In Every Dream Home A Heartache"... Ask yourself what exactly? 

As Voltaire put it "Prejudice is the reason of fools".

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Anima loco

"Like belles-lettres in a land of universal literacy, the art of picture-making is now open to everyone - or at least anyone. It is today quite simple to make pictures that are intelligent, cultivated, and original as the person who makes them - who remains, of course, the most interesting & undependable link in the system."
John Szarkowski, 1973

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Bankan Tire

Below there's the post signaled as THE WEST BANK.
Here it's being made. The left, the south & the west all in all. More than a week to pat echoes, words, sounds & images from where I stand : south of the channel, the English one bien-sûr.

So the west, the left & the south, etc. Let's not say that I dislike soccer; it's just TV & the telly's guys dead or alive. When I'll go to swim I waterpolo sometimes, letting iode off my nostrils plunging my brains in a love lace of effervescence.
It's fundamental. Not the french selling frigates to Taiwan. But it's still make a do twenty years past. Short Random Memory abunds here & there even if it isn't the last Daft Punk clearance. Still the least others from Versailles issued such more than a decent one after Wolfgang Amadeus... Was the guy portuguese indeed?..
Now with no Rosa Luxembourg left, Barosso almost done, we's still have Europe and the french, their banks and their cheese & their ways, plus their smile sometimes.
So let's make it worse madame monsieur ! Gender for ignorants & bores for the press & nest for vultures !.. Informative appendix out of the blue or I tell you 'bouts of the corrupt material down here.
The supply of hand-ready-made infos don't outcast the serene mishapes of officials. Guardians to the bank sea's solace row of prejudice. To name one in the lot the LCL, former Credit Lyonnais involved in a public scandal in the nineties. There's plenty others you would thwart now. Time hit the clock more than once; Dingos had been fishing monkey before global warning had stopped us & them to speak German instead of Russian correctly.
The case with gov or anti-gov people is that I'm writing it. Paris ain't really texan those days & there ain't no Walls you cannot pee on; it's labelled L.O.V.E but I ain't rally Robert Mitchum with an "L" falange..  Here's a big deal!

Do you want to be australian? I wanna be austrian, not asturian in Montpellier, Hérault or Jamaica, but vacationing from Maine where I would elicit residence all times.
So... scribbling with words in the valley, would it be so different? Yah.. climate changes & perhaps the french accent in Phoenix is worth enough to temper foxy Europeans subordinated to their transatlantic counterparts (No.. really?..).
It's californian skin treatment for new-aged mummies. "Bourgeois..!" as the song flow in. It's AC versus RD without DC.

When they hack your phone do I blame Bin laden or Europol? The Osama license is uprouted CGHQ said. but fracking with guys of manicured ministers serve science to advance legal progress of humankind. No duck no muck! Fracking in, mule in air. No criminal, nor less journalist than a native of Brittany was adjacent to Gaule before the Romans red (h)air still turn(ed) gray under nuclear makeshift & low protein consumption. You have medication I have drugs. We're a bite of shareholders but I'm no consumer while you're such a marathon man off Iron. you're stealin' the poles. We've some of the best machines. Not much to add.The beast of animals with a legendary merk for hits.
Kidults: the DCRI outspoken out in the country or the RFA's fare memoir to celebrate (?...) War's heads & satellites can't help but droning. What else Georges! Pampers, layers... Spank Irish while it shan't be gaelic wonder unnerved in your abacus.

Let me cry out the sound of music. My son by the sea will launch a new guild of knowledge's genetical patented artist: the Ghost Fazer.
When the MADE IN CHINA will evenly brighten stark phosporescent chicken in their sow's sneer.
Blame (H)art for good : these movies from Scotland landed in the french capital for the summer. Cinemas all over here it's beautiful.
And there are retirees lead that don't cope with sponsored government's digging.
Wanna get drowned or drawn? Wanna get done? Service's not included for the baby moaners generation; it's mony wise.
Where IT police derails behind their own self & sense of identity. It's a value's split unforced for sketchy silent scopes of disaster.
Know where to be. Know who you are. Know where I head.

Berlin won, Paris fails, Madrid's the tense of times. Rome's androgynous beauty prevails. Europe not really dies, just ages. America suboperate the flows Russia don't see when Asia's embrace hold out as an Africa not to meet no ends. "Killing An Arab" for the future future of whales & eels. Still wiring it? I tap my water ol' lame cunt! I lurk, skwash. There's brillance in the air. A reality check. Au revoir.


"It's how the news becomes so powerful it doesn't need TV or newspapers. It exists in people perceptions. It becomes real or fake-real so people think they're seeing something they invent. It's the news without the media."
Don DeLillo The Angel Esmeralda

#Europe / 51

First europeans photos' op. peregrinated beteew 2002/06.
Not so odd but never so conscious. It was about working on "the Image". The project's website has already been offline for two years. Stand on a work on progress (?)
Time's for memoirs + updates Now.

Some photographs... here & there

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The West Bank

In Review: like a would-be journalist screening numerals & auctions in informative strategy. Times & technology. Sex without french or animals. Talks about positions, business, banking, social structures, administrative leaks, pivotal endeveours in Europe, Jersey or Taiwan. Gambling, money laundering, corruption, gardening, water sports & fashion... Phoenix, Montpellier. A short story of the case with your boyfriend's playground, retirees on duty, fracking loose issues for human defectors, government appointees,etc. 
The week to come!

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Here there's a week-end in April and the indefectible charm of the city

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Spectral Jets Lean In One 
An Astral Lane I Seem To heed
Which Material Hem Amok

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Don App

Dare to ask how it was , Answer silently. Everything could be fine; What does it mean? You may have a problem with your left hand; What are you talking about ! Homemade cookies. Is there a reason you came to visit? Yes. Which is?.. Valuable enough for you not to know. Why do you say Europe is not part of it? I mean that it isn't part of Europe. Why don't you go "French" off with you f*** ing..? Nope. Could you say that in Russian? Hope though. Why should you ask questions? Because you won't answer. What's wrong with humor? Yourself. Where do you locate it? If not for a share in Europe..? Under the volcano. Can you be less than pointless one minute? It ain't for your own security. Why do you care? I don't. Would you mean Asia isn't that short-sighted? Frankly "frenched up" in Mexico: the late nineteen, it's historical. Are you sure it's worth pinpointing this? The classical beat for gnats under pressure; Cynical after all ? Moths on the window & death camps for pets, it's what you long for too.Where do you go? Hong-Kong. Why? friends across the bay to visit. You're selfish (?!) Really! It doesn't depend on me. Add it up.. Is it what you 'spy about' my country?  Totally, slash & edit. So long.. You may have the word! Before that's your last cast & shadow spurt. What do you say about  the land? It's no Canada. Sharp! C'mon & tell me what. We have the woods, you've got the fall + sand oil. Have talked with the people? I've never had to. Rush isn't for Russians; Nerve isn't for us. It's for villains. I bet. What? My babooshka has gone to hell. What else? A term in liquor and thecompetence for religion. Aren't you being journalistic? Even though. Free speech? It's a bargain. What about  the lividity in the face of the mesh? It's a subordinate clause. can you tell the inspiration!?

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Contraption & corruption or an aloof french RE-fine national identity. It's not like they only have a language problem. They can understand english but what for ?..
It's not lame meanderings in the 'pays of camenbert'. It's also the way they do great damage to other culture sometimes.

Ask Milan Kundera why he sued a french company for the translation of his first novel! And they're special with their 'frenchitude' but everybody has it to be real. As the brits they kneels in "comedie". Pathetic shitheads faking innocent smile to snort a 'merci' or else.

Tell them "Mercy" cause they still believe in super heroes when its hollywood money with the next shift of stardust and lights. Leaning in english, they export their unreliable and un-trustful manners. However at home it's no better. For instance movies subtitles provide a lean idea of what their sense of psychology and fiction or comedy was, is and could probably be tomorrow.

They wrench people in a way that is not unforfeited.  For instance there is Milan Kundera  who finally dug so well their own idiom so it  had them to think a little more about it.
Or perhaps it's time to brat a bit about the 'grand' leaders of Albania and Iran of the last decades who lived and studied a good share of their life in France.

In those times of obvious cowardice thru electronic devices, of internet tweets and such facebook's virtue bore at all ages , un-comitment has become a privileged playground for many (so do I ..?)
People of France are no exception except that these EU laws they should apply aren't even respected by governments and sacred 'discrete' institutions.
People slightly wonder in Israel why Mohamed Merah wasn't killed before.. We just know the answer so well as the debatable matter of antisemitism.
But this last word is the unpronouceable answer. It's very simple. There was Ilan Halimi before, in 2006, but not anymore. Gone. And some real benefits of political and economical interest ?
6 years after a teenager killed three french soldiers and three jews in the "hexagone". To opt for an exit option ? They don't have any. And they're mostly bland. Recently an (un)justified military action in Africa ... To help those poors guys to deal woth the Jihad ? Not their Uranium ..?

Tonite I just went to see "La Soif Du Mal" Touch of Evil (Orson welles) and for no reason a guy behind and a guy before me just complained about the light on my phone while the movie barely started & suddenly it was my feet rummaging through his seat. The guy didn't see & feel it but just intricately pretend it of course.

Indeed as some just want to mess around apparently for the pleasure of it, others might have a problem with one of my foot (?..) and the matter about an accident years ago. Which is ...?

That was just another serial double provocation. Some are disguised 'matcho Don' with their good share of manic women. Some other are uncle tight as skinnier than their smutty aunts & consortium of fastidious patrons. Some are gay wonders of the human race place to dismal & evolution. Some others are pitiful pricks ready 4 lashes.
Until they can't remind their own interests their litigious hoax which serves now and then their own interests merely disseminate an appropriate sense of direction covered-up by a well-known lies not to be undisclosed.

The Chill

"Their logic was that art was very beautiful, oh , yes, indeed but you must work for a living and then you will find that you are too tired to think about art. but it was when I threatened to add a layer or two on my own account that they blew up on me."
Henri Miller

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Négatif +

The Coalescent Tourist said to me once "When I was cruel.. I thought it was savvy to take photo of anybody & post them online, do this freaky show of selfish pornification and never consider consequences"

Last autumn in Iran I met a couple mollahs, a young afghani afraid of his own country and the one he took refuge in with his family, a swimming coach operating as an improvised driver and as corrupted as it seems necessary to be, a fantastic guide anybody could avoid but not look for and a few more characters somehow out of the world in a country off the west and still away from the east.

Then I had to come back in glorious Europe or Nobel prized EU, for the sake of money or material subsitence. 

And the mean, the bad, the beautiful, unconscious, unaccepted, hypocrital smile and selfishness and other haven't move more than an inch or so since the previous visit. 
More cinema, more consumption, paradoxical waste, more uncommitted and irresponsible entertainment than ever, and always more money for self-gratification and a unique sense of cultural bigotry, and this new government delving in hope and made to measure serenity, or a new form of conservatism to reassure a  population of "commercant", scroungers, narrow minded contractors, but not to lose its investors if its Depardieu. This is not really a clash, a sincere left turn but just a slight change in the tone and color, and the frenchies overall  still seemingly very faithful to their egocentric positions.